Trend topic: Flexibility as a business model


The current issue of the trend report "blue oceans" from the media house energate focuses on the topic "Flexibility as a business model".

Together with Innoloft's start-up experts, energate analyses the market, the opportunities and concrete business cases for flexibility solutions - from the aggregation of different consumers and storage devices to demand side management in industry and the optimisation of charging times for electric cars.

Detailed (data) analyses, visualizations, interviews, news, calls (cooperation requests from start-ups) and the evaluation of the exclusive market survey provide deep insights into the opportunities and risks of flexibility marketing.

energate presents a concrete business model in the "Business Case Example" section. For the first time, energate cooperated with a start-up: dezera from Hamburg reveals in detail how additional revenues can be generated by making combined heat and power plants more flexible. EVUs and municipal utilities thus gain valuable insights for their business model development.