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con|energy combines consulting activities for a comprehensive range of services in the areas of energy and climate


Merger of nymoen strategieberatung gmbh and con|energy unternehmensberatung gmbh to form con|energy consult gmbh as of 01.01.2022

con|energy unternehmensberatung gmbh and nymoen strategieberatung gmbh, both market-leading consulting firms with a focus on energy and climate, will in future operate jointly under the umbrella of the new con|energy consult gmbh. By merging its two strategy consulting boutiques, the con|energy group is further expanding its strong market position and, through the combination of expertise and resources, creating a holistic offering from a single source that meets the growing demand for consulting services.

con|energy consult gmbh advises companies in the energy industry and their partners on strategic, economic, political and organisational issues. The focus of the joint consulting activities is on the topics of the energy, heat and mobility transition. For over ten years, con|energy unternehmensberatung gmbh (founded in 1996) and nymoen strategieberatung gmbh (founded in 2009) were two leading consulting firms under the shared umbrella of con|energy ag. Changes and increasing complexity due to climate change, self-sufficiency and sustainability efforts, changing customer needs, innovations, digitalisation and political regulation increase the demand for consulting services. The shareholders of both companies are taking account of this need for growth with the merger by consolidating their competences and thus offering their customers full support in the implementation of all topics.

Dr. Roman Dudenhausen, board member of con|energy ag and Cap-Partner of the new con|energy consult gmbh, expresses his satisfaction: "With the merger, clients benefit from the expanded expertise and receive a strong partner in con|energy consult, which provides them with holistic support in meeting the challenges of the rapidly growing energy and heating market. I am pleased that, thanks to the merger, we can now fully utilise our synergies and reinforce our claim as a leading strategy consultancy."

The merger under company law of the two strategy consulting boutiques and their renaming to con|energy consult gmbh was successfully completed on 31.03.2022 with the entry in the commercial register - retroactive to 01.01.2022. The company will remain present at both previous locations in Berlin (headquarter) and Essen. The new con|energy consult gmbh will remain part of the con|energy group with over 200 employees and will be managed in a partner structure. con|energy ag will act as cap partner and hold the majority of the shares. The current five managing directors or members of the executive board will become operational partners and at the same time shareholders. All of them have been associated with the two consulting firms for many years. Up to ten partners are to manage the company operationally in the future.

con|energy combines consulting activities for a comprehensive range of services in the areas of energy and climate