E-Bridge and energate publish first hydrogen price index “Hydex”


Hydrogen is currently seen as the most promising climate-neutral energy carrier of the future. With the “Hydex”, the energy media house energate is now publishing the price index for hydrogen.

The price index is designed by E-Bridge for all relevant hydrogen qualities – green, blue and gray.

In politics, the current framework conditions for the development of a hydrogen economy are being discussed. However, for the development of business models, it is equally important for market participants to have resilient and reliable price information available. “The hydrogen economy will also only be able to develop via an efficient market. Our price index is a first building block to create transparency and market confidence,” explains Andreas Gelfort, Senior Consultant at E-Bridge, and responsible for the Hydex.

The Hydex is a cost-based index that takes into account the short-term production costs of the various technologies for the production of “green”, “blue” and “gray” hydrogen: Electrolysis and steam reforming with and without CO2 storage. Looking at the differences in the price trends of the three qualities can, among other things, indicate when “green” hydrogen can be price competitive.

From now on, the Hydex will be part of the weekly newsletter “energate wasserstoff-briefing” and will be published on the website of the daily information service “energate messenger+”. The price development of the Hydex is supplemented by market reports and analyses. 

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E-Bridge and energate publish first hydrogen price index “Hydex”