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We invest capital, our unique network and many years of entrepreneurial experience in young companies that are advancing the energy and transport transition with their solutions. con|energy has been successfully investing in start-ups in Germany and the USA since 2015. We currently have direct investments in more than 20 companies and indirect investments in many others via funds.

We are con|energy
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Our network

Thanks to over 25 years of entrepreneurial activity, we have numerous exciting contacts to decision-makers and multipliers. We make this excellent network available to the companies in which we invest. In addition, we can facilitate start-ups' access to the right contacts and sales markets. As the organiser and co-organiser of the energy trade fair E-world energy & water, we also bring the who's who of the industry together physically once a year.

We are successfully heading into the future

As entrepreneurs, we have always had a feel for relevant trends and current challenges in the energy industry. In this constantly changing market, we have succeeded in building up specialised businesses providing solutions to these challenges. After several successful exits, we are now sharing our expertise to support startups in driving the energy transition. We know that our entrepreneurial success has also always been a team effort. As investors we therefore keep setting great store on working with experienced partners. These include the experts from the fund companies as well as our advisory board.

We are successfully heading into the future Image