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con|energy’s CO2 avoidance program


Every year a little earlier - in 2019 already on 3 May. On that day, Germany consumed as many resources as the country's size would ecologically allow for a whole year. This is the result of a calculation by Global Footprint Network.

This means that humanity produces more CO2 than the oceans and forests can absorb. What can each individual do?

We at con|energy decided at the end of 2016 to make our contribution to the avoidance of CO2 emissions. The team that has put itself at the forefront of this movement has given itself the name "Mach'et GRÜN, Otze", in keeping with the credo of our two founders Roman Dudenhausen and Niels Ellwanger. And for the first time, it has been determined that in 2016 we will have emitted 855 t CO2 in the entire con|energy Group.

Subsequently, we considered measures that could be implemented through technical changes (such as installing thermostats or changing over to LEDs), but also those that would require behavioural adaptation for their implementation. For example, we now travel by train considerably more and fly less frequently, which has enabled us to reduce our CO2 emissions in the area of business travel by 32 percent. Also by skyping more than before. We have also converted our fleet and with our seven electric and three hybrid cars we are now already in a better position than 80 percent of German fleets that do not have any electric cars. There is nothing else than these environmentally friendly company cars that we now have on our farm. And: more and more employees use a "JobRad" or "JobTicket" for the way to work and in their free time. What we are all very happy about: con|energy, as an employer, supports this commitment, be it financially, but also, for example, with the possibility of being able to charge your e-vehicle "in the office".

With these and other campaigns, we have succeeded in reducing our CO2 emissions by 243 t, or 28 percent, by the end of 2018. Our measures have kept what we had imagined: everyone can participate, everything is justifiable and in the end it is alsofun.

Ergo: We stay on it and "make it greener".