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con|energy with change of strategy - 25 years of successful entrepreneurship as an investment for startups in the energy industry


After more than 25 years, con|energy ag is divesting its successful consulting business for the energy industry.

con|energy is investing the proceeds from the recent sales of the consulting company con|energy consult and the trade publisher Energate in young companies that are driving the energy and transport transition with their solutions. Con|energy founders Niels Ellwanger and Roman Dudenhausen contribute their network, their comprehensive industry know-how and their experience as long-time entrepreneurs. The shares in the energy trade fair E-world energy & water is further providing the platform for the con|energy network in the energy industry and remains an essential part of the company's strategy.

con|energy has already been successfully active as an investor in Germany and the USA since 2015. Since then, the investment portfolio has been continuously expanded with investments in young companies at various stages of development. Thus, startups in the early as well as in the expansion and final stages have been supported with financial resources, know-how and valuable industry contacts and successfully resold. Currently, con|energy ag holds more than 20 direct investments and is involved in several startup funds. Consequently, the company has now withdrawn from the operational business in order to shift its focus to new investments and the expansion of the investment portfolio.

Roman Dudenhausen describes why the history as an entrepreneur is particularly advantageous for future investments: "We know the industry in which we invest first-hand. We have accompanied its development and have successfully built up companies ourselves. We know the challenges that companies face now and in the future. This helps us identify lucrative business models. At the same time, we offer startups access to our broad network.

Niels Ellwanger adds: "E-world is the nucleus of our network and makes it visible. As an industry meeting place, it will be an important part of our new strategy." He also sees further added value in his many years of experience as a founder and board member of a service provider: "As entrepreneurs, we are used to acting as team players. That's why, even as investors, we do not only rely on our expertise, but also for example on experienced teams for our fund investments. In addition, we still attach great importance to discussing energy industry trends with our advisory board, which we regularly involve in our decisions."

About con|energy ag
For over 25 years, con|energy ag has been a partner at the side of the energy industry and has played a key role in projects to develop the energy, heat and mobility turnaround. Today, con|energy ag drives innovation as a strategic partner and investor. With the E-world energy & water trade fair, the company has been offering a European networking platform for the industry since 2001.

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