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con|energy expands its range of services for e-mobility by bundling its competencies


The con|energy subsidiary green|connector already supports 14 municipal utilities with know-how, process standardization and white label IT tools for customer acquisition in all aspects of e-mobility.

The successfully implemented information and sales portal will be supplemented by a transaction platform in the future. This enables municipal utilities to carry out the installation of charging infrastructure efficiently and with high process quality, for example.

This is made possible by the merger with the sister company ener|xess, which develops and operates IT platforms for the energy market. green|connector thus has direct access to its own IT resources. This will significantly enhance performance and quality, also with the aim of covering the important municipal utility topics of energy services and energy efficiency in future alongside e-mobility. Veit Schwerm, Managing Director of ener|xess, comments: "With our merger, we are combining two important service components: IT and service. What distinguishes us, in particular, is a vital development community with over 14 municipal utilities, a strong partner network and our deep understanding of the market.

The new company operates under the name of green|connector and continues to draw from the many years of experience of the con|energy Group. Roman Dudenhausen, CEO of con|energy AG, adds: "We have been supporting the energy industry for 23 years and have been intensively involved in e-mobility for 11 years. We would like to contribute this unique expertise so that municipal utility companies can be successful in this rapidly growing and increasingly important business field.