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Conenergy Invests in Berlin-Based Startup The Yellow SiC Group


Yellow SiC Group, founded last year, aims to commercialize the production of renewable hydrogen.

The startup has developed a technology that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen in a one-step process using only sunlight. This direct photocatalysis uses ultra-high purity silicon carbide (3C SiC), which serves as the catalyst.

The company plans to open its first hydrogen production pilot plant in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, in early 2025. "We always wanted our technology to produce renewable hydrogen at a competitive price in countries that are not so sunny," said co-founder and CEO Christopher Hoefener. In addition, each 150-acre HydroSiC plant is expected to save 56,000 tons of CO2 per year.

"With the process developed by The Yellow Sic Group, 100% green hydrogen should be produced in large quantities very cheaply. This can be an important contribution to the energy transition and to the containment of the climate crisis. Product, business idea and management of the enterprise convinced us" justifies Conenergy executive committee Niels Ellwanger the decision to take part in the citizens of Berlin enterprise.

According to YellowSiC, production can take place at 2 ¢/kWh in very sunny countries such as Dubai and at 6 ¢/kwh in less sunny countries such as Germany.