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con|energy akademie further develops energy sales manager for GASAG AG


"The cooperation with the con|energy akademie helps us to bring our expertise up to date."

The con|energy akademie has individually developed its certified professional education as an energy sales manager for the GASAG AG. In specially tailored courses, 50 sales employees benefited from the many years of experience of expert lecturers from science and business. Three courses have already been held at GASAG's offices since the beginning of 2018.

Innovative technologies, new business fields and increased customer expectations: in order to meet market requirements and to position themselves efficiently in competition, energy service providers have to break new ground and constantly develop their own know-how. The training series is an important element for GASAG in preparing its sales force for the future. Employees from all sales functions are to be specifically prepared for the increasingly complex tasks of an energy service provider.

"The training to become an energy sales manager provides sound theoretical knowledge combined with extensive practical skills in energy sales. The authenticity of our training is achieved through the practical orientation of our lecturers and the close coordination with our clients", says Stefanie Hamm, managing director of con|energy akademie.

In three basic modules, general knowledge of energy markets and sales techniques are explained and the opportunities offered by digital business models are highlighted. The focus is on energy procurement and energy trading, market developments and technical trends. In addition, the training course offers advanced modules on key account management and field service as well as on sales control and product development. Participants also have the opportunity to take a university examination at the University of Mannheim.

Martin Ridder, Head of Sales at GASAG AG, draws a positive conclusion: "We want to reinvent ourselves as a company again and again and adapt our range of services to market developments. The cooperation with the con|energy akademie helps us to bring our expertise up to date, to challenge our performance and adaptability and to bring our colleagues up to a common standard. Last but not least, it is also a shared experience and strengthens cooperation." As a result of the good cooperation, further trainings will continue until summer 2019.