Municipal utility and local car dealers: partnership with great potential for success in electric mobility


In addition to the car manufacturers' clear commitment to electromobility, the need to bring more low-emission vehicles onto the market will also arise at the beginning of this year.

A CO2 fleet limit of 95 grams per kilometre applies and non-compliance with this limit can be expensive. In order to avoid fines amounting to billions, it is imperative that more battery electric vehicles are brought onto the market. This in turn will be felt by the local car trade through sales targets in this vehicle segment.

Basically, there is great interest on the part of the customer, but also ignorance and thus uncertainty. The questions of the customers are manifold and go far beyond the pure vehicle. Charging infrastructure, grid check, subsidies, traction current tariffs, integration of own power generation are just a few examples.

Practice shows that close cooperation between the municipal utilities and the local car dealers is necessary in order to jointly create a perfect and consistent customer experience.

Because we can see that the initiative is now coming from the automobile trade, as shown for example by the e-mobility portal of the Emil Frey Group This was implemented so convincingly by green|connector that the renowned industry magazine even speaks of the "best e-car presentation of a trading group".

Our goal at green|connector is to enable the connection between relevant actors via digital tools and to create interfaces that are necessary for a smooth process. Starting with lead generation and extending to the handling of services such as the installation and commissioning of the charging infrastructure.

We are convinced that this will create valuable synergies on the part of the automobile trade and municipal utilities.


Friedrich Seifert
Senior Sales Manager