green|connector builds up partnerships with car dealers as a new important customer group


With the Tölke + Fischer Group, green|connector is further expanding its cooperation with car dealers providing them with IT tools for their e-mobility services.

In addition to the Emil Frey Group, Europe's largest car dealer, another large national car dealer has been acquired with the Tölke + Fischer Group. Tölke + Fischer has been using various tools from green|connector on its website since the beginning of the year to provide comprehensive information to customers in the field of electric mobility.

An effective and successful sale of e-vehicles requires a completely new form of advice from car dealers, both in terms of quantity and quality. And it opens new opportunities and business fields. Customers no longer just ask for a vehicle, but also for charging infrastructure, e.g. wallboxes, or electricity offers and services. This happens directly in the car dealership, but also at the digital customer interface. Here, green|connector offers competent support with a needs-based solution. Because only the car dealer who knows all decision-relevant facts about e-mobility, who confidently dispels any prejudices that may exist on the customer side and scores points with a comprehensive service portfolio can convince customers.

green|connector is focusing on expanding partnerships with car dealers at exactly the right time. Because the year 2020 promises a significant increase in the number of enquiries from car dealerships - as well as from municipal utilities, with whom green|connector is already working successfully - due to new subsidy programs, the model offensives of many car manufacturers and the significant increase in buyer interest in e-mobility. The e-mobility portal makes it easier to answer and channel inquiries and to sell e-mobility products and services. In addition, the portal can be used to intensify local partnerships between municipal utilities and car dealerships, for example by arranging test drives and the sale and installation of charging infrastructure.

"As a car dealership, we are the first port of call for people interested in e-cars when they have questions about the new products. As these new products are much more consultation-intensive, a much more complex customer interface is also required on our digital channels. Functionality, flexibility and the willingness for constant further development have convinced us here", says Peer Henke, Marketing Manager and Project Manager "E-Mobility" of the Tölke + Fischer Group about the green|connector portal. The Krefeld car dealer operates 14 car dealerships on the Lower Rhine with a total of ten manufacturer brands in its portfolio and presents itself with its new website as a competent contact for the topic of electromobility in the region.

"Cooperation between car dealers and municipal utilities is one of the top issues for us, which we are currently discussing in our network of municipal utilities and car dealers. We are particularly pleased that we have found an innovative and digitally affine partner in Tölke + Fischer. Together we can provide important impulses for a profitable cooperation of all partners", adds Friedrich Seifert, Senior Sales Manager at green|connector.